Celebrating 10 Years of MITx


Life Changing Education

Over the last ten years, MITx massive open online courses (MOOCs) have made a deep and long lasting impact in teaching and learning at MIT and around the world. From developing MOOC technology, research, content creation, to fostering learner engagement, learning effectiveness and creating digital pedagogical and learning innovations, these efforts have provided unlimited numbers of learners access and certification.

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of MITx, we are delighted to share the impact of MITx MOOCs, teaching and learning breakthroughs, and the stunning scale of access and equity enabled by these open courses. We are also grateful for the commitment of our faculty, instructors, staff, digital learning scientists and fellows, and community contributors who have helped make this program successful.

Everything you wanted to know about MITx on its 10th anniversary

Everything you wanted to know about MITx on its 10th anniversary

The Online Worldwide Learning Services (OWLS) Director, Dana Doyle, who manages the MITx Program, answers the most commonly asked questions from MITx learners.

small_peer-evalPeer evaluation in open online courses

Open-ended questions pose some of the biggest challenges when designing assessments in open online courses. The most effective and engaging activities and assignments are often also the hardest to assess in an open online environment.

Conversations with the MITx Digital Learning LabConversations with the MITx Digital Learning Lab

Reflections on ten years of building tools, courses, and community.

Designing AR apps to close the skills gap

Designing AR apps to close the skills gap

Student research projects in mechanical engineering explore ways to scale lab and machine shop instruction with digital technologies.

A Community of Learning

Our learners, educators, and supporters are truly inspiring. Their stories of perseverance, eagerness to improve their skills, and take their newly acquired knowledge to uplift their local communities motivates our work and efforts.



"MITx inspired me to begin a journey of self-improvement and learning. I never thought that I could learn anything outside of school. But when I started delving into CS courses, I gained confidence and happiness. Overall, MITx taught me that I can learn whatever I want, whenever I want."

Ishaan Variava
High School Student, United States



"I have taken a number of online courses from MITx via edX, and all have been fantastic.  I was inspired to donate this year because I want to help make sure these excellent courses continue to be available to everyone at very low cost."

Jeffrey Saxon
MITx Supporter



"I have gotten a better understanding in both topics that have changed my point of view in life. Climate change and immunology.  A course I took at MIT helped me refresh my knowledge in immunology and has helped me develop an idea I got for a possible treatment for Covid-19."

Michellie Hernandez
Lifelong learner, Dominican Republic



"Thank you very much for spreading the knowledge! It would not have been possible for me to gain the knowledge vital for my professional development without the MITx courses. Keep on illuminating the world and removing the darkness of ignorance. Thanks again and all the best!"

Sanjay Khirwadkar
Working Professional



"MITx has provided me with the opportunity to learn more about subjects that I wouldn't have due to this lockdown. Topics that have seemed difficult are now easier to comprehend thanks to the lecturers. I took a course in Python."

Ogechi Anoka
Lifelong learner, Nigeria

"I’ve a mind thirsty for knowledge, this is the place to be, directly from the pure source, MITx is a life changer, I tried a lot of other MOOCs, and trust me you don't want to be anywhere else, in MITx, courses create a challenging spirit within own self, urging for more with every lesson, so inspiring, perfectly crafted, and an eye opener in every sense, I have to add that it's addictive -in the best way-, in the idle month between courses, I feel that my life is missing something great, I really feel like a better person with MITx, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Al Laham
Lifelong learner, United Arab Emirates

"As a 13 year old, I constantly yearn to be challenged by a curriculum and a study programme that is flexible for my overpopulated schedule of extra-curriculars, academia and mandatory down-time. MITx has provided me with both of those, helping me exceed in my understanding of the world around me and the subjects I am infatuated with, with stress-free deadlines. MITx has built a wonderful, suitable platform for a wide audience, whether amateur middle schoolers (like me!) or experts."

Manahil Awan
Enrolled Student, Pakistan



"By providing high quality education that is highly relevant for developing countries, in a flexible delivery that adapts to different types of learners."

Ana Saldarriaga
Ana Saldarriaga, Working professional, Colombia on How MITx has helped you.

"MITx brought the excellence and innovation of MIT faculty and research close to home. It made possible a level of interaction with faculty who are pushing the frontiers of what is possible and imagining the future. As a female technologist and former venture capitalist, I felt privileged to live in a time where the leverage of online education opens the door to such unique opportunities for collaboration, education, and impact at a level of excellence and leadership of an institution like MIT."

Gabriela Sabate
Working professional, United States

"Thanks to MIT's EdTech program, I was able to put the T firmly in my STEAM program. I was able to not only to make wise choices in regards to the technology I brought into the program, but I was also able to upgrade my curriculum to include many new things, such as learning to code and a game design project where my 7th graders created a learning game (using Scratch!) for their kindergarten buddies. I have had many students tell me how much that project did for them, it's just amazing, and I am so glad to be able to do it. Many Thanks to MIT!"

Linda H.
Educator, United States



"MITx lets me sit in class over the internet in a way that fits my schedule and lifestyle. Most importantly, I can learn on the topics that will help me bring my research projects to the next level. Learning from world leaders in theory and applied science also means I am exposed to the cutting edge, which prepares me to seek solutions to hard problems."

Xavier Lemyre
Working professional, Canada

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Mastering online learning to level up

Mastering online learning to level up

Abigael Bamgboye set a course for success in engineering and business management through the MITx MicroMasters program in Data and Economic Development Policy.

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Learning Opportunities from MIT Spark Growth, Empowerment

Learning Opportunities from MIT Spark Growth, Empowerment

A refugee living in Kenya pursues online credentials from MIT while also empowering his community.

Smoother career re-entry with online learning

Smoother career re-entry with online learning

MITx course and internships help STEM professionals return after a break from the workforce to care for family.

Learners worldwide turn to MITx courses

Learners worldwide turn to MITx courses

Whether seeking a career change or rediscovering intellectual pursuits, learners worldwide turn to MITx courses.

The team behind MITx

The incredible teaching and digital learning staff are at the heart of the amazing MIT courses shared with the world.

Dana Doyle Director, Online Worldwide Learning Services (OWLS)

David Chotin Manager, Online Worldwide Learning Services (OWLS) Project Administration

Lana Scott Assistant Media Development Director/Media Services Manager, Open Learning & Online Worldwide Learning Services (OWLS)

Shelly Upton Manager of Educational Technology

Geoff Wilson Intellectual Property Manager

By The Numbers

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Years of MITx

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Certificates Issued

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Unique Learners

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Total Registrants

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Online Courses Launched
247 new and 718 reruns

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MITx Faculty and Instructors

Top 5 Countries of MITx Learners

map of top 5 countries of MITx learners. 2.3M USA. 290K Brazil. 337K Canada. 357K UK. 1.2M India

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Driving Innovation

Developing MITx MOOCs has sparked a plethora of digital learning innovations designed to improve knowledge retention, enrich the learning experience, and offer new pathways to achieve advanced degrees. Here are a few examples of how MITx has created powerful tools and continuing education opportunities.

MITx inspires new educational programs and technology.

The evolution of MITx MOOCs created a number of technological advancements and tools to help learners of all capabilities in their educational journeys.

MITx inspires new educational programs and technology.
A New Generation of Learning Engineers

A New Generation of Learning Engineers.

Learning engineers are incredibly talented educators who have a knowledge base in the learning sciences, familiarity with modern education technology, and an understanding of and practice with learning design principles. They have a broad range of skills which includes awareness of the latest learning science research, good instincts for teaching and evidence-based pedagogy, and an understanding of issues of accessibility, intellectual property rights, and assessments.

The Digital Learning Lab (DLL) are extraordinary learning engineers who are subject area experts with advanced degrees in their academic fields. Their passion and experience for teaching and learning and deep knowledge in state-of-the-art educational technology make them key facilitators in delivering powerful learning experiences.

New Pathways for Advanced Degrees.

In the fall of 2015, MIT announced the creation of a new academic credential ― the MITx MicroMasters program.

An integrated suite of Master’s-level online courses, the MicroMasters program provides learners worldwide with an affordable way to advance their education and careers, or subsequently fast-track their completion of a professional Master’s degree at MIT or elsewhere.

Since the launch of our first program, the MicroMasters credential has become an educational movement. Today there are over 50 MicroMasters programs from more than 20 universities worldwide, including five from MIT.

New Pathways for Advanced Degrees.
Recognizing Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Recognizing Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Through the MITx Prize for Teaching and Learning in MOOCs, MIT recognizes MOOC instructors who have demonstrated excellence, impact, innovation, and passion in educating global learners. Annual winners receive a monetary prize and a plaque and are honored at the MITx Significant Interest Group event. The MITx Faculty Advisory Committee serves as the review panel for nominations.

Lifecycle of a MOOC

MITx Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have served more than 5 million people around the world, providing incredible learning experiences. Creating a MOOC is a significant effort that involves MIT faculty, teaching assistants, educational and learning technologists, and digital learning scientists or fellows.

The process for developing and offering a MOOC varies depending on a course team's level of experience. Our base process includes 3 phases.

a circle with roman numeral one and formula e over c squared.
  • MIT Faculty submit proposal for MOOC.
  • MOOC development is granted.
  • Introductory meeting with Online Worldwide Learning Services (OWLS) Project Administrator.
  • Strategy meeting with Learning Designer and Project Administrator, to explore potential learning strategy and pedagogy.
  • MOOC platform, Intellectual Property, and media trainings begin.

circle with roman numeral 2. formula square root of -1
  • MOOC production begins with content and assessment creation, media production and tracking all third party content.
  • Course team creates representative week for review by OWLS team.
  • Course team continues to build course.
  • About Page form and assets are created.
  • MOOC educational content development is ready for final phase.
circle with roman numeral 3. formula PV over nR
  • Team creates plan for course forum moderation and learner support.
  • OWLS team helps troubleshoot challenges and concerns.
  • Course team beta tests course. Educational Technologists spot checks course.
  • Finalize Intellectual Property object status.
  • Pre-MOOC launch meeting with OWLS staff. Review learner communication plan.
  • Launch MOOC!

MITx Milestones


  • 229 MM learners graduated from MIT while 31 are on campus currently.
  • Approximately 150 of the MM credential holders were admitted to the pathway master’s degree programs


  • MITx celebrates 10 years


  • MOOC enrollment increases by 50% due to Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Helped to pilot the MIT Open Learning Library in conjunction with OCW.


  • Launched 114 online courses, including: 29 new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 85 rerun MOOCS offered in prior semesters.


  • Enrolled 1,180,236 learners from more than 200 countries across these 100 MOOCs.


  • MITx Prize for Teaching and Learning in MOOCs is launched.


  • MITx MicroMasters is launched.


  • Enrolls about 1.25 million learners from more than 200 countries across 50 MOOCs.
  • Establishes the MITx Grant Program, a new semiannual process for soliciting and evaluating MITx course project proposals.
  • 34,638 edX certificates are awarded.


  • 773,394 learners enrolled across 22 MOOCs and more than 190 countries.
  • 29,601 edX certificates are awarded to learners enrolled in 22 MOOCs.


  • MITx offers its first course directed at teachers.


  • MITx offers first 8 MOOCs on edX.


  • MITx is announced.